by Karen DIY Recipes

Watermelon Cake

As soon as the children finished the obstacle course at the Question Club, they came over for watermelon cake. A few of them had told me they didn’t like cake, but no one turned down the watermelon cake!

I’ve carved watermelons before. You can see my Anchor basket here. This was even easier. I started with the directions, chopping off a thick slab. With smoothing it into an acceptable shape, I lost a lot of edible pieces.

Like an artist’s canvas!
Argh! Not the way to go!

For the next one, I threw out the directions and went back to the way I learned on a YouTube video. Cutting off the rind carefully, I tried to get to the layer just outside the pink. No juices ran out this way. A quick slice cut it in half and it formed the perfect mound shape I wanted. Way simpler!

This is even easier than it looks.
Since I’ve done it a few times, I can peel a watermelon in under five minutes now.


Slathering on Cool Whip (whipped cream would work, too,) as frosting,  I added blueberry polka dots next. Blueberries were on sale. I didn’t use strawberries because we have a few children with allergies to them. I also left off bananas because I figured they’d turn brown by the end of club and the children wouldn’t eat them. The same with pineapple bits. Kiwi fruit would have tasted good with it, but would have taken more time. I was out of time.

Tastier and more refreshing than cake.

Some of the children licked off the Cool Whip and then tried to eat the inside of the watermelon as if it had a rind! It was well-liked. I was able to save a slice for lunch. It’s a great combination of flavor and looks really fun to eat.

The children probably would have loved a seeded watermelon. Then we could have had a seed spitting contest with the obstacle course.