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Turning Big Bro’s Slacks into Shorts

Big Bro turns six soon. He’s all boy! Which means that at the moment he has one pair of church pants that fit. He went through the knee on one side a few weeks ago. I repaired it with an iron-on patch for a few Sundays, but he blew through that in no time.

Big Bro is part of the Safari Club at church. These pants worked perfectly for their performances. They look even better as shorts!

Part of the Problem

When boys are little, like before they can crawl, finding pants secondhand is no problem. Even buying clearance pants for a $1 at Wal-mart works. But something happens when you hit 3T and 4T. Suddenly, the secondhand pants are either missing knees or missing entirely. Boys start wearing out their clothes before outgrowing them. The only pants Big Bro didn’t destroy lately is a pair I bought for his aunt’s wedding that he outgrew before the wedding day.


The Solution

The patch wasn’t going to work. Big Bro picked at it, making it worse. So before tossing the pants, I inspected them. The knees were the only problem. They were a well made pair of pants. The knees had even been reinforced which you don’t see much anymore. I set them down on the table and straightened them out. Then I carefully cut off the leg at the tear. I took the piece I’d cut off and laid it on the other leg as a guide for cutting it off.

I cut them as close to the tear as possible to keep them as long as I could get them to be.

I folded the edge 1/4 of an inch and ironed it as I went. Then I folded it again as close as possible to the first fold, but this time I pinned it in place as I ironed.

An easy job!
A few spritzes of water helped the ironing to go faster.
If you lay the pins along the sewing line, it helps to put them in with the points away from you so you can pull them out as you go along. Otherwise, put them in perpindicularly (if that’s a word.)

A quick run through the sewing machine hemmed them beautifully. My mom would have hand sewn them. He’s going to wear them to church, so I want them to look decent…but he is 5 years old and he spends a lot of his time on his knees (not necessarily in prayer.)

Sewing took less than five minutes.

Shorts for Church

We dress up for church. It’s part of our attitude to honor and reverence our incredible God. A pair of shorts without stains, elastic waist or cut-off legs looks classy with dressy shoes and high socks. Big Bro is ready to go to God’s house to worship the Lord.

Before to after! Definitely worth the time and effort.

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