by Karen DIY Saving

Three Easy DIY Fixes

#1 Hair Clips

I cleaned out my hair clip drawer in the bathroom. Elastic pony tail holders eventually stretch and don’t pop back. I had to pitch a bunch of them. Some of my jaw clips (the kind that pinch open and have teeth that hold up hair like a pony tail) died. The teeth probably met the drawer front when closing and broke off. Plastic dries out over time and becomes brittle. These type of clips can’t last forever. I also always get rid of bobby pins that lose their plastic end protectors. They hurt too much to use. Then I came across some snap clips with plastic or paint coatings that cracked. I started to pitch them, then checked the “snappiness.” They still had a good click to them. Some of my regular clips also had chips or scratches.

I’ve had these clips for thirty years!

My eye fell on my nail polish. Hmmmm. I pulled off the plastic and scraped away loose paint, then gave them a quick paint job and set them aside to dry. Voila! Wow! I now had several clips that match my nails and my wardrobe.  Then the granddaughters discovered them. After my purge and the little ones’ visit, my hair clip drawer is somewhat diminished, but I prefer to see the girls with their hair out of their eyes.

All the ones with glitter and confetti disappeared.

#2 Tennis Shoes

A friend game me a pair of tennis shoes with Velcro closures for my granddaughter. Being hand-me-downs, the Velcro stopped holding. I cleaned out the lint from the micro hook side, but still, they kept coming apart. I checked out the upper section. There was room for a shoelace, but no hole to pass it through. Using a craft needle and a screw driver, I made a hole. Adding laces solved the problem. These should work for at least another season, which is about how long it takes a child to outgrow a pair of shoes.

First I had to cut off the Velcro strap. It looked like it had never been there.
By starting the hole with the needle, the screw driver easily stretched the plastic to shoe lace width.

#3 Music Play Book

At a yard sale, I noticed a cute princess book. It had a mini songplayer on it, which didn’t work. I checked the back. It didn’t take button batteries. I would have skipped it if it had. It required two AAAs. For a quarter, it was worth it. It kept Li’l Sis occupied from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis. The music was all classical, too! Li’l Sis is “into” writing her own songs at the moment and this was great accompaniment music. She kept us thoroughly entertained.

I’m sure a lot of people skipped this book when shopping since the songs didn’t play.
I checked to be sure all the pieces were there. The battery cover isn’t pictured, but it came with it.
The Disney Store sells this for $20, and have offers from $6 to $10. Yard sale prices win!

Join Me

If something can be repaired or reused, do it! Let’s keep our junk recyclable and our landfills empty. All three of these “saves” affected my grandchildren, first through direct use and then by keeping an item out of the trash and in service. Please, use our God-given resources with wisdom and enjoy them at the same time.