by Christy Summer Activities

Summer Swimming Plans

My dear husband started running this year. He ran his first 5k in January, and he caught the bug. He has since run a second 5K, and has another coming up on July 4th! But, his big goal is a Triathlon Sprint in mid-July! Seriously, if the conversation flags at all, you can trust him to turn it back toward his upcoming Triathlon. He is just so excited about it. He’s been cycling, running, and swimming to get ready.

During the school year he would go to Seminary a few hours early to get in his swim. It seemed perfect. But, when the University’s summer schedule began, their pool was only open for a few mid-day swim times, none of which would work with his schedule. So, we started looking around for another option. We price checked the Y. And, then on one of the mommy facebook groups I’m in someone suggested the Salvation Army Kroc Center! It sounded great, so we went to check it out.

You all, it was better than I thought! The staff was super friendly. When we told them we were looking for a place for him to swim they gave our whole family a couple guest passes to check it out! They told us about the summer special they were doing: no registration fee! And $195 for a family pass for 3 months. Then we walked into the facility. They had lap lanes for the training he was doing, and right next to that a kids pool with a 0″ entrance to the water, a play structure, and sprayers and fountains. Down at the deeper end (it only goes 3′ 6″ at the deepest) there is an awesome water slide that takes you outside the structure before splashing you back into the pool!

My girls love the slide! Some times where we’ve been here the waterworks have been turned on and fountains and sprayers are going all over the place!

One thing I’ve loved about the pool is that it’s indoors. For our fair skinned family that means no fear of sunburns from playing there! Perfect!

We’ve been so happy with our membership! We have yet to check out the other aspects of our membership (like the gym, and free classes that come with membership) but the access to the water area has kept us coming back several times a week!