Birthday by Christy

Some Bunny’s Birthday Decor

Wren celebrated two years of life this past Saturday with a Bunny themed birthday party. In April I wrote a bit about planning for this party. Shopping all the Easter sales for carrot bubbles, flash cards, bunny stickers, etc… The party itself turned out better than I expected, so stayed tuned for several posts about various aspects of the Bunny party fun!

These cute little bunnies were $0.75 a piece!

Decorating for the bunny party was a blast! I picked up two different bunny signs after Easter- both less than $1 because of the timing of my buy! I put one on the front door. It read “Every Bunny Welcome!” I placed the other sign
“Some Bunny Loves You” on a coffee table that I used to display Wren’s baby book, and a Shutterfly book of pictures of her.

I found this sign after Easter for 90% off!

Just before Easter I picked up three cute little floral bunnies at a bargain store near by for $0.75 a piece. I placed those three bunnies on the posts of the stairway. Then, to lead down to the playroom in the basement, where we were holding the party, I pulled out all of the bunny stuffed animals we own (and there were a lot because my mom just brought me all of the stuffed animals that had survived from when I was a kid!) and all the bunny themed kids books. I placed a stuffed animal, and one to two bunny books on each step. I would never have guessed I had that many rabbit books, but I guess we have quite the collection!

I found this sign for 90% off after Easter at the same time as the sign I hung on the door!
The stuffed bunnies made a darling welcome to the playroom for the birthday party

Finally, in the basement itself, we blew up a bunch of balloons, including my greatest mistake of the party: 5 confetti filled balloons. The first of these was popped within minutes of the party starting, and the confetti mess only grew worse from there. I have hearby vowed never to use a confetti balloon at a kids party ever again. Do you have any idea how many hours it took to vaccum up all that confetti?! At least it looked festive!

I do not reccommend confetti balloons for kids parties. Such a disaster!