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Rubik’s Cube Theme Night

The Question Club–Because Jesus Is the Answer

The summer ministry swings into action every Wednesday. I told about it here. ┬áThis week we gave the good old Rubik’s Cube a chance at boggling us. As the adults and children passed around my 30-year-old cube, the plastic gear in the middle disintegrated. That was a bummer and a teaching point! They all looked at me. I said, “Yeah, that was pretty old. It’s not a big deal.” Then I smiled. Stuff breaks. Plastic gets old. Gotta buy a new one. Don’t cry over broken Rubik’s Cubes.

The early arrivals worked on this paper, coloring the cube and reviewing July’s memory verse. Some of them figured out how to draw a Rubik’s Cube.

Craft Cubes

The rest of the club went super. A few days before it, I found a template that allowed the children to make a paper Rubik’s Cube. The younger ones taped theirs together. Tape is cool for the 3- to 5-year-old crowd. I prefolded the edges of theirs and even cut off pieces of tape for the littlest ones. The older children took up the challenge to fold theirs perfectly and set the tabs just right. Quiet concentration filled the room.

To hurry the craft along, a friend and I cut them all out.

Edible Cubes

After song time and the Bible story (we’re still doing those difficult parables that raise questions), we split up again into little appetites and big appetites. The little appetites got a plate of 2×2 meat and cheese block Rubik’s Cube, while the older, heftier appetites chowed down on a 3×3 version. They also got a gelatin jiggler Rubik’s Cube. These were easier to create than the meat and cheese version. It’s impossible to cut any of them straight, but the meat and cheese stuck together fairly well with a bit of Miracle Whip. If I had made these for a shower or adult fellowship, I would have matched sizes better. The children didn’t care that they weren’t perfect. It was just fun and tasty to them.

We debated whether to cut off the crusts. Because we have such a short time, we left them on.
Only one layer works, otherwise the color disappears.


The purple glelatin was Grape Crush. Yum!