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Review: Puddle Jumpers

After two hours of swimming, these little merkids fell right to sleep.

Have you heard about Puddle Jumpers? I started noticing them last summer, so this summer I ¬†bought a few of my own for the grandkids’ swim time at my brother’s lake. These are amazing! It’s not too late even now to find some of these to finish out the swimming season. They’ll never take the place of an alert adult, but they have made life way easier in the water. I have no idea who thought of them, but he or she has my undying admiration. I can clearly see my grandkids learning to swim which is super important to me since we live near so many lakes, ponds and creeks.

From the children themselves

Three, almost four-year-old Li’l Sis swims in them now! Her confidence in the water has exploded.

Five-yea-old Big Bro gives a legit endorsement. “I love them because they make me swim and float. It is so fun that I get to float!” His other comment had to do with his great love of the water monsters that decorate his. Somebody in the Stearn’s company won his heart by choosing that.

Big Bro weighs too much for the Puddle Jumper I picked up at a recent yard sale, but it works for him anyway. He was well on his way to swimming on his own and this gave him the last little boost he needed. Next summer, he will take off on his own. For now, he’s having a blast, but I’m not taking my eyes off him when he’s in the water.

Big Bro had to test the waters at first.
Li’l Sis is a pro already and gave Big Bro pointers.


The directions are really clear on the Puddle Jumpers. “Front” is marked in large letters. But I just heard today of someone who wasn’t paying attention and put the Puddle Jumper on backwards the first time. She said her son kept complaining it pushed him on his back until she realized what she’d done.

He started in shallow water, but it didn’t take him long to move into deeper water where he could really swim.
“I can swim backwards, forward, sideways and on my tummy or on my back,” he told me.

Four and a half stars because

The only negative comment involves removing them often. Li’l Sis does not like them on when she huddles in her blanket to dry off. Since this is a five minute activity that she repeats between three and eighty-seven times every swim session, I’ve reached expert level at whipping that little piece of foam and polyester off and on in seconds.

I highly recommend them. They cost quite a bit, but now that they’ve been out a few years, you can find them at garage sales and on ebay.


Drowning is one of the top five reasons children die. Instead of fearing water, teach your child to swim. It could save his or her life.

Puddle Jumpers ought to be on the birthday list for every two-year-old! Parents will love you for gifting it to their child.

I do not receive compensation in any form for recommending Puddle Jumpers.