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Review: The Ark, part II

So much!

So. Incredibly. Pretty.

Our visit to the Ark Encounter provided a learning experience we won’t forget. You can read the first part here.

The ticket price seems extravagant, but once you arrive, you realize you get what you paid for! The first hint of that, after you get over the size of the ark, is the beautiful gardens reflected in the pond. Then at some point you become aware of the details bombarding your senses from every direction. Finally, on the bus ride back to the parking lot, exhaustion sets in and you know you took in far more than the money you spent.

I quickly took pictures of these steles to study later, but the photos aren’t nearly as impressive as the real thing.


The living quarters fascinated me. What would you bring if the world you knew would be destroyed? Musical instruments, a weaving loom, food producing implements, books?  They had a hundred years to prepare even though building the ark must have required a lot of their time, effort and energy. This was one of the places I would love to study longer.

You can almost step into the antediluvian world.

I carried my babies in slings. On deck two, we petted a baby kangaroo being carried in a sling. Too cute for words!

The tour guides and docents knew their stuff. They had answers to questions. They emanated a sweet spirit despite answering the same questions who knows how many times.

We chose the perfect time to go. The weather in Kentucky in October is fantastic! The summer crowds were gone, though there were a lot of people there. I’m thinking spring for the next visit.

Emzara’s Kitchen

You work up an appetite walking through all the exhibits. A good friend recommended Emzara’s Kitchen right there on the site. Going back to the parking lot and riding to town would have eaten a great deal of our time, so we looked at Emzara’s Kitchen. They passed the first test: gluten free food was available. Since we had four seniors, a free 4-year-old, and me, our cost was excellent. But beyond that, the food, served as an all-you-can-eat buffet, tasted far better than any buffet I’ve ever tried. The veggies were fresh, the salads delicious. the meat dishes melted in your mouth, and though there weren’t as many choices overall except at the dessert table which was overflowing, there were more than enough to give variety even to those limited to gluten free only food. Too bad you have to go to the Ark to eat there. If I lived in the area, I’d want to go to eat there often. It was fairly crowded, but the serving platters were always full.

I was far too busy eating to get many pictures!

A few troubles

Cell phone reception wasn’t great. Part of the problem was the background noise competing with the phone ringing. We lost people in our group fairly constantly all day long.  I plan to bring my grandchildren in the near future. To prevent losing any of them we are all going to wear the same bright color and have a designated meeting place.

The Noah movie they showed really hit the nail on the head with the mocking nature, violence, and sin of the time, but I felt that Noah as the preacher of righteousness from the Bible’s pages, was not preaching as much as I believe he must have. All in all, it did depict Noah and his family in down-to-earth, very vivid and believable ways, making history live.

By mid-afternoon, we had seen almost everything, but we were too tired to go back and fill in some of the spots where we wanted a closer look but rushed through because of the crowds or Li’l Sis needing a bathroom break. Next visit I’ll recognize those places and divide my time with more wisdom.

On the way out, we noticed more than on the way in since the ark wasn’t distracting us so much!

Li’l Sis didn’t get to see the armadillo she spotted in the You Tube tours. That was her only disappointment all day. Almost a week later she was building a Duplo Ark and zoo with her toy animals. She let her friend know a lot of the details she had picked up.

The red tegu lizard was out and about.

The special project update

Stay tuned! We took the 4-year-old along to get her perspective and she helped compose an ABC memory book of the visit. I’ll show you that in a few weeks.