by Christy Creative Writing

Poetry of all Shapes and Sizes

If you’ve followed our blog for any length of time, you know that reading poetry is not the only thing we like to do. Starting almost as soon as I could write my mom was helping me craft poetry. We’d write shape poems to look like strawberries. She’d write a line and have me rhyme the next line. We love to play with words.

The earliest two poems in my first poetry book date to about 7/8 years old.

The first poem of mine I’m sharing today is a shape poem. Each line of each verse adds a word until the center line hits 6 words. This gives the poem the shape of the mountains being faced.

Facing the Mountains


Pushes forward

When the way

Seems dark, and few

Will walk the path beside

You, giving you the inward stamina

To keep on because truth

Is on your side

And will win

In the



Picks up

The broken pieces

Of an impossible dream,

Giving you the strength to

Piece it back together again, stronger

Than the first time you

Tried, telling you to

Keep going, it’s

Worth the



Preserves both

Justice and mercy,

Revealing that the balance

Between the two brings peace

Because justice without mercy becomes tyranny,

And mercy without justice, anarchy,

Love suffuses you with

Motivation for action

Inspiring for


My handwriting improved significantly further into the book.

These last two poems are both epigrams. They should be short, with a twist or word play at the end that makes you grin. Love of poetry came from my mom. Love of puns came from my dad. Epigrams wed the two loves into a fun short verse.

Tangled Thinking

I am so very straight

A shoelace thought,

But then the wind blew

And that lace was knot.


The Writer’s Lot

Once a writer wrote a book

To publishers he’d grovel,

“If you read this rough draft

You’ll find this book’s novel!”

I finished filling the top book half way through college, and started into the second book about the time Curt and I began dating.