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Planning ahead for a Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated Tiger’s birthday with a birthday party. She wanted a castle cake, so we went with a Royal theme. Most of her little buddies are boys. Because most of the little ones her age at church are boys. So, rather than go with “princess” style, we decided to go with castle/knights. And had a little quest with some activities to do before completing the quest and finding their goody bags. Planning ahead gave me time to create cardboard shields the kids decorated, and pool noodle swords for hitting balloons as they practiced for the quest.

Tiger’s birthday quest was a hit!

Coming soon is Wren’s birthday party. She’ll be turning two in June. But, I’ve already settled on a theme. It’s Some Bunny’s Birthday! Why do I mention this now? Because this past week was the week after Easter. The week I had been waiting for to find favors, and decorations for her party. If you think ahead creatively you can save hundreds of dollars on party supplies! Walmart had all of their basket stuffers 75% off! And Target had very similar deals. I found darling little felted bunny baskets for goody bags. I found carrot shaped bubbles. I found bunny ear headbands, and darling little bunny tails! The bunny tails… I was able to buy them for $0.05 a piece! Really! And most of the other items were roughly a quarter a piece.

Some bunny else’s birthday is coming up soon too!

The same could prove true for other birthday party themes if you work with finding stuff after the right holiday. Having a unicorn birthday? After St. Patrick’s day stock up on rainbow items, and sparkles. Thinking of having a “You’re a Birthday Star!” themed party? Take your pick from Christmas stars and 4rth of July regalia. Planning a woodsy style party for a little lumber jack? Brown items, and more rural decorations are easy to come by around Thanksgiving. Your little Sweetheart turning one? Post Valentine’s Day all kinds of heart d├ęcor goes on sale. Get the idea?

What are some of your ideas for party themes and the holiday you could buy them after?

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