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Occupying the 4-Year-Old, Part IV

Keeping the 4-Year -Old Busy

Yes, I’m still trying to keep the 4-year-old happy and busy while the 5-year-old learns to read and write and a few other fun things. The baby, now 5 months old, is easily entertained. I thank the Lord for her sweet disposition and easy nature, which is much like her big sister. The difference is the age!

I’ve done this and this and this. But 4-year-olds obviously thrive on change. So we delved into fashion design this week. It went very well, lasting several days as any good project should.

History of sorts

It started with a phone call from Purple Hearts. Whenever they call, my husband and I find five or six boxes or bags to donate. This has helped us clean out our basement. After rearing five children and having a set of our parents move in with us until they went home to Heaven, we look too much like hoarders. But being busy has not helped us clean up. Purple Hearts gives us a small goal each month. We’ve donated over 200 boxes now and things are almost beginning to look a little better. While churning out this month’s donation, I found a piece of fabric right out of 1975. Stretchy polyester. But perfect for a little girl to practice cutting and designing.

At first she wanted to decorate the fabric with markers, but that proved harder than she thought. So only a few half-drawn emoticons made it onto the final dress.

The Right Tool

It wouldn’t have worked if I hadn’t had Fiskars TM. They are safe for children, but sharp enough to cut fabric. That’s all I needed for her to do it.

She really didn’t even know where to begin. I thought she might do some wrapping, but she figured out she wanted to cut armholes. Just a few moments of guidance–showing her how to fold the material so she could begin the cut away from the edge–taught her more in 30 seconds than she learned in the two previous weeks.
There she goes, making her own armholes.
Such concentration!

High Fashion


She was super-pleased with the results.
Fortunately pink is her favorite color. All her dolls are wearing it now.


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