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Occupying the 4-year-old, II

If you read the first post here, you know the back story. As home schooling happens, the almost resident 4-year-old needs to keep busy without distracting. She plays on her own with a collection of mini animals, her dolls, a cash register and Mr. Potato Head, but too many days in the week cause a loss of interest. Just a few extra activities get us through more smoothly.

Her go-to activities are imagination inspired.
I love listening in on conversations. She asked me today, “Can anyone talk to animals?”

The basket

I spent a few hours garage sailing during the best garage sale weekend in September and bought less than $20 of craft type items and manipulative toys. A lot of the sales had “free boxes” and I found about a quarter of the items in them. One or two toys came from the Salvation Army store. These should get us through till Christmas, but I will add to it as I find more items because I have to make it until mid May or June. The laundry basket works perfectly for containing everything and making it possible for me to whoooooosh it away as soon as she makes her daily choice.

I love watching her make that tough decision of the day.

The inventory

Paint book

Poster and marker set

Sticker book

Sewing craft

Woodkins dress up doll set

Princess character set

Mini  puppet theater

Beauty and the Beast magnet set

Leapfrog  mini-computer

Leap frog writing device

Some of these are consumable, some she will use over and over. She gets to choose only one a day.

Goal achieved

Calm, quiet, happy play. We hit every goal.

I also like the decision-making factor. We have to make decisions our entire lives. Learning to be decisive is a skill that children can work on at a young age. As Steve Currington says, “Good decisions lead to great blessings.”