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Money Saving March: Free Download

When the Shoestring Fits offered a free download giveaway earlier this month. Being the newbies we are, we didn’t get the page set up well. We didn’t have any entries! Please take a moment and enter today. We are running this one day only.

Interesting facts

We are not collecting email addresses or Facebook accounts.

Our only goal is to spread the word about our new online store.

We personally can’t share it further than the people who already have joined our page or who we share it to among our own Facebook friends which Facebook limits.

You can help a huge amount by sharing this post. Do you have any friends or family who help in church ministries? They might be interested. If they aren’t they can just scroll past, delete it, ignore it or choose to never see another blog post from us again.


If you do not want a free download, you can gift it to a friend, relative or even an enemy! But youth workers are the most likely ones to appreciate it.

If you don’t think you have time, it takes one second. Just click the button below.

If you can’t get it to work, please let us know in the comments or under the contact option.

Thank you

Your entry helps us figure out how this works! We need the experience, obviously.

Our blog is really small. We need it to grow, so when you participate, Facebook allows it to show up in more newsfeeds.

We appreciate having you read our blog. You are the reason we write it. We pray it’s a blessing to you, an encouragement when needed, and a help in times of need. Thank you very much.





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