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Money Saving March: Our foibles

What counts as foibles?

We try to save, but it doesn’t always work. We buy things we shouldn’t, don’t buy things we wished we had bought, and even waste time trying to decide which to do when. Here are a few of our slip ups.

Karen blew it!

If I’m going to eat out, I want to eat at Chick-fil-A. The closest one is 47 miles away and is only a mini site, which means it doesn’t offer the grilled chicken wrap with avocado ranch dressing I love. But I travel a lot. Two of the routes I take the most often have Chick-fil-A’s. In December I noticed Chick fil A offered a calendar with coupons. In January I almost bought one, but forgot to order it in the busy-ness of seeing the grandchildren. I blew it! I really want that calendar and those coupons! Too late. Next year, sign me up.

Karen loves being able to count on a play place at Chick-fil-A, too!

Christy’s fail!

I did recently mention my sheets blunder when the sheets I bought for the girls’ new big girl beds shredded in the first week. We also had a rough transition to using the food co-op where we’d get a basket of veggies for $20. It’s only a money saver if you use the veggies! Of course, what needed to be adjusted in this case was my dinner menus for the week. When I planned things out better than I made the most perishable veggies into dinner earlier in the week, and saved things like potatoes or squash for later in the week since they stayed good longer.

Now that Christy’s menu is straightened out, she’ll be eating healthy and saving money.

Juli’s blunder!

As you may know, I’m in school getting my MBA. I usually rent textbooks because it’s cheaper. For my most recent class, after shopping around to find the cheapest textbook rental, I opted for an e-text and made the purchase. I then learned that the teacher wanted us to use the online training modules, which required purchasing an access code. When I logged in to purchase the access code, the publisher was offering a special! If I bought the e-text and the access code together, it was $30 cheaper than purchasing the e-text and access code separately! OOPS!

Not the message Juli wanted to see.