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Money Saving March: Most Recent Bargain

When we moved into our new home last July we had one barstool for our counter. I added to my yardsale/clearance check list barstools, hoping someday to find some matching barstools that would fit our counter space to make it a nice breakfast space. Well, this past Saturday my hopes were realized!

Thursday is usually my shopping day. As in I do all my grocery shopping, and generally almost any other shopping I’ve saved up from the week on that day. Last week I had a few household items I was checking for at Bargain Hunt. When I went to check out I noticed they had a pile of brochures advertising a one day brown box furniture sale where everything unassembled (aka. still in their brown cardboard boxes) for 50% off! They had some of that furniture out where it could be seen, and I saw two grey stools. They didn’t match, but I thought “well, I could do an eclectic set if they were all grey.” I stored the sale away in my mind, because I didn’t know if we’d even have time to stop by on Saturday.

Saturday morning my husband ran his second 5k since the beginning of the year. We had quite an early morning, and he did awesome, setting his best pace yet. And, by about 10 am we were headed home… right past Bargain Hunt. I knew they hadn’t been open for long. So, I asked him if we could swing in and check the prices on barstools since they’d be 50% off.

Now, brown box furniture doesn’t really have pictures on the box usually. And our finds were no exception. I bent back the edges of the box to check the color of the seats. I also wasn’t quite sure of the height. And, honestly was a bit concerned that the stools we found would only be table sized, but at Bargain Hunt as long as you have the receipt you have 30 days to return your purchase. We searched through pile after pile of boxes. And found a pile that seemed to be almost all barstools. And, then I found them! A pile at the center. Four boxes. All grey. All matching.

The color of the barstools was perfect for our color scheme

Full price would have been $60 a piece. But, 50% off gave them to me for $30 a piece. I looked the model number up on my phone. Even at $60 a piece it would have been a significant price cut. At $30 a piece I almost felt like I was stealing!

They fit at the countertop so nicely!

The grey upholstery matches my color scheme so nicely. And, I totally love with this new addition and the extra seating it gives me for family, friends, and breakfast!

Here’s a few take away thoughts:

Keep a list of pieces you know you are looking for.

Don’t feel pressured to have to buy anything immediately.

Price check for a few months.

Watch for fliers at local stores, sometimes you stumble on a great deal like this!

It’s worth it to keep your eyes open for furniture bargains like this!