by Karen Parenting

Lullabye and Good Night Hints

My grandchildren stay overnight often. Getting them to stay asleep still has some quirks we are working on, but getting them to sleep is going pretty smoothly.

We want the grandchildren to want to go to bed. So we invested in some fun beds. This one was actually free from a yard sale!
The princess bed isn’t complete without the frog.

The No Monster Rule

We have an unbreakable rule. No monsters are allowed in our house. We state the rule often. We enforce it. You can check under the bed. You can check in the closet. You can check in the basement. We keep our word!

We also teach the Bible verse: What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. Psalm 56:3

The Background Noise

We love the new tower fans. This one is almost a mini.

Every child’s bedroom contains a fan. The fan operates at night. Summer, winter, spring and fall. In the cool months, we aim it away from the sleepers unless they’ve been really naughty … just kidding.

We also run a cool air vaporizer/humidifier in the winter. It makes the room a lot more conducive to sleep.

The towel keeps the rug dryer. If you add moisture to a room but end up with mold, you’ve defeated the purpose.

“I’m thirsty”

As I mentioned, we have more trouble keeping the children asleep than getting them to sleep, so late night drinks are out. I found that true thirst can be quenched if you suggest your child think of lemons, sweet tart or Sour Warhead candy or pickles. It works!

Warm Bath/Shower and Lotion

On nights I know the children didn’t get enough activity during the day, a long warm bath and generous lotion help a whole lot.

Hot Cocoa

The sugar and caffeine are counter-intuitive. I use this only if I know the children are sleepy.

On the other hand, turkey, lettuce, cherry juice, and a handful of other foods cause drowsiness.

Bedtime Ritual

We memorize Bible verses together after tooth brushing. We also pray and singĀ The Lord is My Shepherd. It’s time for winding down.

Just when we think we’ll move on to the next level, a new grandchild joins the picture.

Stories in Bed

I will tell a story occasionally, but the children don’t ask me to do it often because they usually can’t stay awake for all of it. It’s going to be very, very, very repetitious.


As the grandchildren leave toddlerhood, we’ll start doing the same thing we did for their parents. We’ll play the Bible at bedtime. Sometimes that kept our children awake, but that didn’t bother us at all.

Funny thing, our adult children ask for nightlights more than our grandchildren.