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Gluten Free New England Brown Bread

A recipe worth keeping

My sister called me this week with the exciting news that she had gotten my mom’s brown bread recipe. I remember it well. My mom kept a specially large tin can in the cabinet for baking it. I am still not sure how she extracted it, but the round slices tasted wonderful. I asked Leeann to snap a photo and text it to me. On my gluten free diet, I long for bread. I thought I could make this type of bread since it called for only one cup of flour. It turned out to be the easiest gluten free recipe I’ve ever done.

Choose a pan with a lid!
The price of molasses is ridiculous.
No eggs, no sugar, no step one…step two. Just toss it all in.
If you need help measuring the raisins, check with a young child. Princess Porcupine put in the rest of the box.
The dough is heavy and thick, but also on the wet side.
It’s difficult to ruin this recipe.
I miss the round slices, but the taste is perfect.

Super simple

It took no time at all to throw the ingredients in the bowl, stir it up and slide it in the oven. I baked it for 40 minutes instead of 45 as the recipe called for since I used a casserole bowl to cook it instead of a tin can. Since I baked it with the lid, I got the steamed taste I wanted.

This will be baked often in my kitchen.


  1. Yup – I am loving it, also. I used a round bread crock to bake mine. I am not sure that I would bake it in an aluminum can anymore =)

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