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Edible Fractions

Wren loved apple picking. Last time she went she was too little to do anything besides watch from her baby carrier.

Saturday we went apple picking. The mountains of North Carolina held crisp cool weather, and crisp tasty apples! Our girls loved the hunt for apples, and munching on apples, and riding in the wagon with apples. A wonderful time was had by all. When we left, my Sister-in-law took the big bag of apples back with her, while we let the girls play at the playground at the orchard a while longer. Sunday is always busy, so we did not get over to her house until Monday. Monday Irma was to arrive in our area, so bright and early we went over and picked up some of the apples.

Tiger counted up how many quarters were in 10 apples

We brought them home, and I had a stroke of genius. I decided to use the apples for a math class. First we counted them. We had 20 apples. Some large, some small. Tiger counted all of the apples without missing a single number! Pretty good for 4! Then we picked out 10 apples and set them aside to use for pie.

After she counted up the fractions she got to eat a few quarters.

The girls watched while I peeled, and then I quartered the apples. I had Tiger count how many quarters made one apple. Then I cut up all 10 apples and we counted how many quarters that made. I think it may be the first time she’d counted to 40. She did very, very well. Then I sliced the apples further. But I didn’t have her do any more counting. That seemed like overkill for the day. She helped me pick out savory smelling spices and brown sugar and add them to our apple pie filling. Then we popped 3 apple pies in the oven, and she sat in front of the oven watching for them to brown.

Math class: a success!

Of course the best part was counting how many pies we made, and then eating them!