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DIY Coffee

We love coffee

Paul drinks it lukewarm, strong and black. I drink mine as close to the flavor of melted coffee ice cream as possible and sweeten it with honey (thank you, April, for teaching me that wonderful trick.)  I’m glad that coffee is now back in the “good” for you category.

Recently my mom made me a cup to die for with a half teaspoon of coconut oil, a dash of salt, hot milk and sugar from the maple specialty type my daughter sent me for my birthday. You can’t buy it anywhere like that. It was absolutely the best.

We love cold coffee and frappes, also

Paul takes his flavored with chocolate, mint, and many other flavors he wouldn’t touch in a hot cup of coffee. I love them all, too, with a special spot in my heart for maple.

Our favorite hot type is McDonald’s. They serve it fresh. Often they’ll make us wait to brew a new pot. Consumer’s Reports rates them the highest. They deserve the rating. We also love the McCafe beverages, with kudos to the chocolate chip frappe. Paul tries to get Biggby whenever he can. He talks me into it whenever he can find a coupon because their prices are almost as outrageous as Starbucks.

Saving with homemade versions

But these are all more expensive than homemade. I’ve been working on frappe recipes, but none seemed to hit the spot until yesterday. I have to include a disclaimer. This recipe has too much sugar. But the fast food and coffee places have even more.  These are still not as cheap as I’d like to achieve, but they are half the price, and I don’t have to leave home, but since I can’t leave home to get them, they also aren’t available when we aren’t home. They are making a significant dent in our coffee budget.

Brewing a pot of coffee smells better than lighting a scented candle.

Start with a strong cup of coffee made in a French press if possible. I make it in the morning. Let it cool a little, then put it in the refrigerator. This is the way coffee shops do it. Then I choose my cup. Everything goes in it to be sure it will fit when I’m done. I add ice cubes, a little milk, about half the cup  of the cooled coffee, and then top it with ice cream. It is not an exact science. Paul’s gets more coffee. Mine gets more milk. You have to taste test it to figure out what you like best.

French Press coffee works simply. Add a tablespoon of coffee for each cup of coffee you want to make. Add the same number of boiling cups of water to the press. Let it sit three to five minutes. Press the filter to the bottom. Pour and drink.
Allowing the coffee to cool keeps your refrigerator from cooling it and spending more money on electricity.


If I need to keep it longer than a few hours, I’ll put it in a closed container. It usually doesn’t last long enough for that.
Ice dilutes the coffee, so don’t use too much.


Yes, that is low fat.
It’s ready to be mixed.


It tends to splash, so pour it in carefully.
Ready! It really doesn’t take long, but saves a huge amount of money.


You can add coffee flavorings, espresso shots, or whatever, but each of those adds to the price and you have to decide if it’s worth the cost and if it will keep you from overspending at the coffee shop.

All this is poured into my Ninja. It takes about two minutes in 15 second intervals to mix it. Paul likes it smooth with no icy bits. He also likes it super strong. When I get the coffee strong enough, he is happy. I know I’ve got the recipe right when Paul says, “Lets go home and have coffee.”

Approval rating: 10.