by Karen DIY Home Decor

Curtain Redo

The curtain problem

My sister sewed a beautiful set of curtains for my huge living room windows when we bought our house. After 15 years, the pull cord broke. The rods had serious bending issues, too. I could have studied a YouTube video to figure out how to restring them, and bent the rods back into a normal shape, but I decided to remodel them instead. Restringing would have have cost less, except in time and frustration, a lot of time! Recently I had seen some curtain styles I liked a lot. Since I love the pattern and colors of my curtains, and they still looked nearly new with no fraying, fading, stains or tears on them, I started plans for upgrading them to slide curtains with heavy duty rods that could hold weight better.

We tried tying a knot in the broken cords, but they just didn’t work well.
I bought a piece of muslin at Walmart for the loops. Although I measured and added and multiplied, I ended up buying about a yard and a half too much. At least muslin comes in handy for other projects.
Muslin is pure cotton, which shrinks a lot. I washed it in hot water and dried it in the dryer instead of hanging it up. I didn’t want it to shrink in future cleanings.
I tentatively cut a strip, unsure of the width even though I checked out several ideas on Pinterest and on curtains being sold online.
Sewing one long strip and turning it inside out was way too much work. As soon as I finished it, I knew how to make it easier next time.
I cut the pieces to the length I needed and then fed them through the machine one after the other. Simple, quick, and they turned outside in easily after I ironed the seam open.

Curtains for my husband, Paul

My husband had daily fights with the curtains because he usually opens and closes them. Getting him on board was easy. Next week, I’ll show the part he did, and the rest of the sewing. In the meantime, we had to take a break for DVBS.