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Curtain Redo, Part 2

Curtains again for my husband

Paul doesn’t like most DIY projects, but he had been fighting our broken curtains for quite a while. Redoing them didn’t push him very far out of his comfort zone while letting him use his drill. Woohoo!

Savings that add up

I bought new heavy duty rods with beautiful finials on clearance at Lowe’s. This saved over $50. I’m good with that! I love the glass. Maybe someday I’ll get to put matching glass door knobs up.

Back to the project

I checked the size on the rod before sewing. Although the stitching showed, when held up in place, it couldn’t be seen.

I started sewing the loops out of muslin. My research paid off. After checking how curtain manufacturers did it and comparing sizes, my very¬†first attempt came out right. I measured and pinned them in place, then sewed them with care. I hate ripping out stitches and didn’t want to damage the curtains.

The directions came with next to no information. That scared Paul a little bit. He believes in measuring twice and cutting once. In this case, it was drilling.
We considered buying metal anchors, but Paul gave the plastic ones from the package a try. They held well, so he pressed forward.
Time for me to sneak in a quick cleaning! I love the view of my secret garden outside my window.



Paul figured out that hanging the curtain before attaching the final screws would save a lot of work. It did. We did. Yes!
Since we hung them higher than the original rod, it covers up the holes from the old screws. I’ll fill them with spackle.


The new look works better. The curtains cover the windows fully. The old pull rods left a gap since we couldn’t attach them close enough to the corner.

I am super-pleased with the way they hang, the ease of opening and closing them, as well as pushing them to either side. The mix of old with new style fits my eclectic look perfectly. Everybody’s happy!



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