by Karen Ministry Recipes

Cookie Puzzles

The children’s activities on Wednesday night keep bringing the children back for more at the Question Club. I told about it here and here. Recently we made puzzle cookies. I love edible crafts! There’s no problem writing the kids’ names on each one or checking to be sure they take them home.They just take them home in their tummies!

The “Oh, dear,” moment

Tuesday night at 11, I suddenly remembered I forgot to make the puzzle cookies for the next day. I dashed to the internet to find a common sugar cookie recipe. After throwing the ingredients together, which took me until 11:15, I plopped the dough onto a plastic liner from a cereal box. It works 100 times better than wax paper. Then I rolled out the dough very thin. It came out large, so I carefully folded it and stuck it in the freezer. That gave me a few minutes to prep a cookie sheet by cutting brown paper to fit. When I pulled the dough out, it was cold. Not frozen, but very cold.

I’d ordered the puzzle-shape cookie cutters when I planned the club meetings. They were ready and waiting.

Because I could fit the cookies together, cutting took less effort.
I highly recommend baking on brown paper. They slid off easily without breaking.


Cutting the pieces took some concentration. Sometimes they would come out in the cookie cutter and I could shake them off onto the cookie sheet. Other times, I had to scoop them up with a wide-bladed knife. I fit 2 dozen on each pan. They took 7 minutes to bake. Soon I had an assembly line going. Everything was done by 1:15–124 cookies and one little circle of extra dough.

Each child worked with 4 cookies. That made it more fun to build into a puzzle.

The real test

A friend of mine brought the frosting. The children brought huge smiles.

I’m glad I snatched these up! They saved a lot of money.

In the fall, I had bought some jimmies (do you call them sprinkles?) in the clearance section. They came in handy. The children didn’t care that they looked like autumn decorations. They had a blast!

Big Bro and Li’l Sis ask to go to the Question Club all week long.


These would work well for Autism Awareness month or for a Special Needs Day emphasis, too.

Even though we have a ton of fun, we aren’t just baby-sitting. Our ministry is to tell these children about Jesus. Having a great time is not the main idea, but we’re glad to offer activities that keep them wanting to return for more.

We have some creative thinkers!