by Karen Health Hyperemesis Gravaderum

Coconut Oil Pulling

The basic idea of coconut oil pulling

I heard about coconut oil pulling several months ago. I thought it sounded pretty weird. Here’s the idea.

Put anywhere from 2 to 3 teaspoons to 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil in your mouth.

Swish it around for 10 to 20 minutes.

Spit it out into the trash (don’t clog your drain pipes with it.)

Brush your teeth.

Essentially it would cure almost anything that ails you.

I buy coconut oil in bulk amounts at Costco. It’s cheaper than online ordering because it saves shipping.

Despite the over-the-top claims, I decided to try it for two reasons. First, I use coconut oil in my homemade lotion (the recipe is here.) It does have obvious therapeutic value. Second, during my bouts with hyperemesis gravidarum (I’ve told about here  and here and here) the stomach acid from throwing up thousands of times, dissolved spots of enamel on my teeth. I work hard to preserve what’s left. I use dental floss every single day. I brush thoroughly. I get my teeth cleaned every six months. But I still have cavities. Two at the last visit. So I decided to give coconut oil pulling a try. After a couple weeks, I went in to have my cavities filled, and my dentist said, “Well, there’s a small hole in this one tooth, but no decay. I’ll just put a little filler in there.” I nearly fell out of the chair with the little bib thing still attached and a saliva sucking machine hanging from my chin. I might finally be able to make some headway.

At first it was a little overwhelming to do, but I am used to it and feel like I’m missing something important when I accidentally skip it.

Some of the claims

Heals cavities, whitens teeth, prevents bad breath, lessens jaw pain, cures sleep problems, stops acne, helps with arthritis, alleviates sinus issues and headaches. Quite a list! I didn’t expect it to do most of those things, but I hoped it might help my teeth. It did. I must admit I hoped it would whiten my teeth because I drink tea and coffee, but probably because I drink tea and coffee, it did not.

Why it’s part of my daily dental hygiene

That’s how much I use–just a teaspoon.

Since it worked so quickly on one cavity and my next cleaning showed no new cavities, coconut oil pulling is definitely worthwhile. Every day feels like I’ve just walked out of the dentist’s office after a routine cleaning.  I really like the clean feeling it gives my teeth.

I want to keep my smile!