Birthday by Christy Family Fun

Some Bunny’s Birthday Food

Planning the food for this Bunny birthday party must have been my favorite part. Between carrots, and bunny shaped everything I had so much fun! Last week I posted about the birthday décor. This week be prepared for a massive bunny menu! Here’s what we had:

Above the food I had a slideshow of pictures of the birthday girl from the previous year.

Bunny Tails

A bowl full of marshmallows

Bunny Ears

Marshmallows cut in half and dipped in crystalized sugar. If I did it again, I would use pink sugar instead of red. I think the bunny ears ended up looking like they were bleeding.

Bunny Animal Crackers

I managed to find a bunch of Annie’s Organic Bunny Graham Friends and those turned out to be a big hit!

A whole pack of rabbits in that bowl. These bounced onto the plates of Wren’s little friends and into their tummies!

Carrot Surprise

Almond Bark dipped carrots dyed orange

Carrot Crackers

I made up a recipe for my own crackers, because I had nothing gluten free in stock. I honestly can’t share the recipe, because I made it up as I went, and didn’t save the portion sizes. I started with a recipe for Gluten Free knock-off Wheat Thins. But it morphed away from that when I discovered I had no honey. The crackers were pretty crumbly, but I topped them with cream cheese (which helped to hold them together) and then sprinkled shredded carrots on top of the cream cheese, and added a sprig of broccoli at the top of each to make it look like a carrot.

Bunny Shaped Sweet Tarts

I bought several bags of these. Then I sacrificed and ate all the chicks, and ducks so we’d only have bunnies left.

Veggie Chips

Because what else would little bunnies eat?!

Chocolate Sea Salt Carmel Bunnies

The same bargain store I found some of my décor at had a nice supply of Giradelli Chocolate Sea Salt Carmel Easter Bunnies on sale after Easter. Who am I to pass up such a delicious tie-in to my daughter’s birthday. I bought a couple bags and filled a bowl with these cute treats.

These homemade powdered donut bunnies were a big hit! I just used a Gluten Free box cake mix. They were delicious!

Gluten-Free Powdered Donut Bunnies

I had bought a bunch of little bunny feet. But, myself, Tiger, and two of my girl’s Uncles are all Gluten Intolerant. That called for creativity. Thankfully, I own a little donut baker. It works a lot like a Belgian Waffle Maker. So, the morning of the party I baked up a bunch of little donuts, slathered them in powdered sugar, attached little marshmallow donut ears, and used frosting to attach the cute little bunny feet. I think these were my girl’s favorite treat of the whole party.