by Karen Parenting

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Home’s Cool

After a three year hiatus, I’m homeschooling again. Joy! Trial! Fun! Work! The list of words is endless….

Big Bro needed kindergarten, but his parents’ schedules didn’t match the local schools schedule at all. Having him here reminds me of all the reasons I homeschooled for 25 years.

Field trips took us all over the country.

Why I home school

The number one reason—God’s direct leading to this path. I look back and see how He carefully taught me  despite my own prejudice against home schooling. He guided me to Christian friends who showed me a side of home schooling I had never seen.  Then He blessed and blessed and blessed as our family worked and learned together.

After teaching in a wonderful Christian school for several years, the night my oldest daughter was born, I had an “ah-ha!” moment. I got it. I could  teach her far better than anyone else could. I loved my 4th grade classroom, but I could never do all that I wanted to do. I had to aim for the middle because I didn’t have time to challenge the motivated students or encourage the floundering ones. I didn’t want my child and future children stuck in that boat.

My husband and I have strong beliefs and opinions. We didn’t want these undermined by people who don’t agree.

All that I read on the subject of children in the Bible pointed to the fact that Paul and I alone were responsible before God for our children’s nurture and education. I had to take that seriously. I couldn’t push it off on someone else.

I love my children. I chose not to send them away for the prime time of their day. I chose not to miss over half of their growing up moments. I chose to spend every single second of their too short childhoods  with them that I possibly could.

School at home means learning how to do all kinds of things in order to be ready for whatever life brings along.

A few helpful hints

Read books about home schooling or subscribe to a home schooling magazine.

Take a good look at several families that home school.

Encourage your daughters to pursue education degrees in college.  God leads many girls to marriage and  motherhood. A teaching degree opens doors to home schooling where state laws pose hardships.

God brought opportunities to each child that played out into their futures.