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The Ark Encounter Alphabet Book

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The End

The final bit of joy that the Ark Encounter brought us was planned several days in advance. A few nights before our trip, I scanned Answers in Genesis website and used it to develop a list of ideas for photos I could shoot showing an item for every letter of the alphabet. As soon as we parked the car, we began our hunt for the Ark Encounter Alphabet Book.

I started with this list.


Although the indoor lighting didn’t help us with pictures, I ended up taking more outside at the zoo than I had planned since the animals entranced Li’l Sis. My list wasn’t set in stone, so changing it up to fit worked beautifully to create a book already deeply cherished.

On the way home I started sorting the pictures and choosing which items to use when more than one could fit. A few letters were troublesome. I even asked several staff members if they had an idea for Q and X. Fortunately, Li’l Sis discovered X herself—the huge X-shaped scaffolding that pretends to hold up the ark had lovely X-es. I finally settled on “Questions” for Q since the “Quakes” picture didn’t have enough life to it.

By the end of the day, the list looked like this.


She didn’t want to pose with the book because she wanted to read it!

I began looking for a promo code to use right away and found that CVS offered 40% off for over a week. I logged in and uploaded the pictures, but the site wouldn’t let me add text. It was late and I was exhausted, so I gave up for a couple days. When I came back, it started working, but wouldn’t let me change the page lay outs. I started over and it worked for awhile, but wouldn’t let me switch backgrounds for the pages. I let it rest another day and then came back. After getting it all together it wouldn’t let me choose the color of the cover and I didn’t like the default black cover. I started over and chose the red cover first. By this time the project had taken four times longer than I planned to invest. I was up against the last day and midnight was approaching. Just as the time expired, I hit the purchase button. A sign appeared, “We are encountering technical difficulties. Please try again later.” Argh!!!!!! I logged back in and hit purchase again. This time it said, “This promo code is no longer available.”  I immediately sent an email telling about the problems I’d had. They emailed me back—I almost missed it because they gave me about 48 hours to retry. I sent it through again, but the promo code did not work as they promised, so I emailed them again. Not only did they honor it, but the book arrived in 48 hours instead of two weeks and they notified me that it was ready.

She loved the cut-out in the cover that happened to come with the style I chose.
Many of the photos surprised her since she hadn’t looked at them on my phone.
Her favorite page is C for camel, but she loves the whole book.
Combining learning with memories makes a huge win.




The last page makes her feel a little sad.


Watching Li’l Sis read it over and over and show her friends brings a smile to my heart. I plan to do similar ones with my other grandchildren.




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