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Another Option When a Dress Grows Too Short

Sweet little girl dresses

My grandchildren keep growing like weeds. By the end of the summer, I’ll have ten. Eight of them are girls. We do sugar and spice, princesses and tea parties every chance we get.

I love to see my little grandgirls dressed in sweet, modest dresses.  I know God loves that, too. It’s a challenge to keep it happening. Taking out a hem, ironing and re-sewing, seemed to be the only option. A few years ago, I started thinking of other methods since many dresses came with pre-finished, “unlengthenable” hems. You can read my first idea here. Another way is given here.

Yet Another Option

A scarf hanging on an endcap. I had a half off coupon, too!

Sissy again grew out of a fairly new dress. She wore it twice! As I searched at the thrift store for other items, I came across a thin straight scarf. For .40 cents, it cost less than a spool of ribbon I had planned to buy to lengthen the dress. When Sissy saw it, her eyes grew big and a smile spread from ear to ear. After visiting the aquarium last year, she fell in love with the sea horses. She didn’t care how I planned to use the scarf as long as it included her wearing it.

Cute little summer dress. It came with no extra length in the hem.

Worth the Trouble

As I prepped and measured, I realized I had enough length in the scarf to gather it. I sewed two rows of gathering stitches around it,  did a rough pull to get it about the right size and then sewed the ends together. I had hoped to sew it along the blue line of the edge, but it didn’t look smooth enough. After a few inches, I took out the stitches and started over. Just a little more room helped match the style of the gathered waist.

A half hour’s work turned a too-short dress into a new favorite item of clothing.

Granddaughter seal of approval.


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