The Spice of Life

The summer I married my husband I started a little garden on my apartment doorstep. And, my love of herbs and spices began. We named our plants. We had Chloe the Chive, Oliver the Oregano, Tammy Thyme, and Rosie the Rosemary. Once adding freshly grown herbs our spice cabinet changed drastically.

Herbs are hardy plants, that can easily overtake most gardens. But, they are just perfect for planting in pots on your porch. And, they add so much zest to your cooking. Once you’ve tried fresh chives the freeze dried sawdust that passes for chives in your spice cabinet just can’t compete. Once you’ve added fresh rosemary to your salmon filet you’ll wonder why you ever tried those dried pine needles that look vaguely like ghosts of the fresh rosemary. Why use the nearly flavorless spice cabinet counterparts when you can have your flavors fresh!

Tiger watering our Basil. So tasty with tomatoes mozerella and little bit of olive oil

With a new home came a new chance to start another plot of herbs on my porch. Now I have two lovely little helpers who love using their new watering cans.

We used watering cans as the girls Easter Baskets this spring, and they’ve been used every single day since!

This year we’re growing: Lemon Thyme, Rosemary, Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, Aloe, and Eucalyptus. The lavender just began blooming, so I’ve been snipping the flowers and adding them to tiny vases in the living room (along with the clover bouquets my daughters bring in from their outdoor fun). I plan to try making some fresh lavender vanilla ice cream. We made some last year, and it was just delicious!

Lavender smells wonderful and makes beautiful purple flowers too!

The Lemon Thyme has been used a lot too. I like it better than the regular Thyme. The first time I bought Thyme I just bought the regular kind, and it almost tasted medicinal. But, the lemon thyme gives the citrus tang that makes our dishes so special.

Rosemary is my husband’s personal favorite. He loves the almost piney scent and flavor added to his meat.

I’m waiting for the Eucalyptus to grow a bit more substantial before I start cutting it. But, I’ve read about hanging it in the bathroom shower to help with colds.

You simply cannot beat fresh herbs.

Do you grow any herbs? What are your favorites?


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