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Karen W. When the Shoestring Fit's Contributin bloggerKarenChrist in me, the hope of glory

Hi! I’m Karen. As a very young child, my mom gave me a bath one day and then said something to the effect that I was now clean on the outside, but not on the inside. I am sure my little girl mind wondered how I could take a bath on the inside. My mom explained that Jesus could forgive my sin which made me dirty on the inside. That day I took Christ as my Saviour. He forgave me and made me clean on the inside. After all these years, what I remember most about that wonderful moment, was that God loved me and I wanted to be with Him forever. First of all, I am a Christian.

Salmon River Valley

The second greatest influence on my life–the stony hills of Connecticut where I spent my childhood. Through and through I am a Swamp Yankee. I even managed to get myself born there accidentally when my mom’s water broke two weeks early.

Broken Ears

During college I started losing my hearing. They need to invent a category for me: legally deaf.Beautiful Karen


In 1983 I married my absent-minded professor I met in my Physics class. He was the teacher.Cambridge, England


Karen's Family
Before everyone left the nest

After losing our first child in an HG pregnancy, Christiana, my blog partner survived a second HG pregnancy. Then my son survived my next HG pregnancy, though his twin did not. I lost my fifth child to another HG pregnancy, but like Job, God blessed me with three adopted children, siblings we met at ages 5, 7 and 9. When you adopt three of different ages, it compares to birthing triplets.


I know God gave me the gift of teaching. I taught 4th grade until my children started to arrive and then homeschooling began. My caboose recently graduated, but I still teach Sunday School and Bible studies.


Four little miracles make me a grandma. You’ll hear a lot about them, I just can’t help it.1492621_623435014384954_945291646_o


My life goes from one incredible event to the next. Here’s a peek.

September 23, 2015