Christy D.

When the Shoestring Fits: Christy Doucette

Want to know who I am? Here’s a few ways I would describe myself and my life.

Miracle Baby

Throughout my college career I regularly heard how I must be the “miracle baby.” My very first day at the University I tried out for voice lessons. The teacher looked down at my name and said “Christy, are you Karen’s daughter?” When I replied that I was she exclaimed “I remember you! We prayed for you when your mother was so sick. You are the miracle baby!” God has been so gracious to Christy


My mother read to me from day 1. And I soon learned her love for books. At age 8 I read the Lord of the Rings for the first time. And at 14 I began my first library job as a page at our local library. In college I worked at the University library, and loved every minute of it.



My husband and I met at the library when we were scheduled to work together for his first shift. 4 years later we tied the knot, I became Christy D. and joined the full time library staff as the Circulation Supervisor. For 3 years I worked my dream job with amazing co-workers. The only thing able to tempt me away from my job: my beautiful daughter.


My eldest arrived a week after my husband’s comprehensives and 2 weeks before graduate school finals. We were smitten. After graduation, my husband’s graduate assistantship ended and I returned to work at the end of my maternity leave while he played Mr. Mom for another month. Then, we moved to Minneapolis. He went to work, and I came home for good. Both my husband and I are homeschool graduates. And teaching our daughter at home was our dream.

My first born just after coming home from the hospital
My first born just after coming home from the hospital

Life Today

In spring of 2015, after another difficult pregnancy, our little Wren joined the family. Mommy and her two little ones are always looking for free fun around our beautiful city.

Our family now
Our family now
September 23, 2015