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When it comes to living frugally, we’ve been doing it well for more than 2 decades. Christy’s family paid off $30,000 worth of college debt in a year, and Karen’s family successfully fed, clothed and homeschooled 5 kids on a budget! Christy and Juli are living proof that Karen’s budgeting works.

At When the Shoestring Fits we're all about making a frugal life fit your fun!
At When the Shoestring Fits we’re all about making a frugal life fit your fun!

Frugal family habits pay off big. Finding free or frugal fun for themselves became a hobby as Christy and Karen explored local parks and attractions in Michigan and Minnesota. As a terrific try-it-out trio, Christy, Juli, and Karen are always hatching new plans to save money, and increase fun. Now, with Christy’s 2 girls, and Karen’s other two grandchildren, along with Juli, her husband and their cats, Christy, Juli, and Karen’s mission is to live life with all their heart on a shoestring budget, of course.

Tiger and Wren
Tiger and Wren

Each day is an adventure with little hearts and hands. Don’t miss out on the fun. We’ll be posting favorite places, playthings and people. Looking for ways to DIY? We’ll have those too. Whether you’ve known us forever, or just stumbled on our blog, we want you to come along.

So, join us here weekly for fun and fixes on a shoestring. Life is always more fun with friends along for the ride.

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September 23, 2015