by Karen Lord's Day Meditations Parenting

About Obedience

It started during a week of summer camp

Fifteen years ago, I spent the week as a sponsor at a Christian camp. I vividly remember a session I attended with my youngest son in junior boot camp for elementary age children. The preacher spoke about obedience. He gave three points: Obey immediately, obey sweetly, and obey completely. I quoted him often during the next ten years.

Then it morphed

Once the grandchildren arrived, I had to rewrite the terms on their level. Now it’s “Obey quick like a bunny, sweetly like honey, and all the way like a race car.” They connect with it and it makes an impact.

She’s got a helper to remind her to be quick like a bunny.

Today I said to Li’l Sis, “Pick up Big Bro’s dinosaurs you dumped out.” A dark shadow crossed her face. “Are you going to obey sweetly like honey?” She thought about it. “Yes,” she said. “And quick like a bunny,” she told me, and she hopped to it. Then I got to compliment her for doing it all the way like a race car. She crossed the finish line. She was a happy camper. So was I!

“All the way like a race car” is definitely Big Bro’s favorite.

Big Bro cheers when he wins the race and goes all the way to the finish. He will yell, “Victory!”

What a blessing when little ones act sweet as honey.

It applies to adults, too

Do I obey God the same way? He surely wants me to. I learn from my grandchildren. Their lives are great examples.