by Karen Health

50% Veggie Challenge

Today is the last day of my vegetable challenge. For the past few years my New Year’s resolution involved eating more vegetables. You can read what I did earlier this year to help myself beat this here. During the winter, steaming hot vegetables carry a lot of meals. Spring hits and I turn to salads, but they aren’t fresh. I long for garden-grown tomatoes! Funny that July tends to be one of the toughest months for me. My garden grows, but doesn’t usually produce until the end of the month.

Preemptive Strike

Oops, that was a little mistake–it should have said 4 veggies! I have a feeling more is better.

This time, I planned a preemptive strike. I created a challenge on Face Book that forced me to stay accountable. I did a little research and found that doctors recommend 50% or half your plate be fruits and vegetables. To make it even tougher, they insist that only 10% be fruit. I outlined the rules in the group description:

Take the challenge to eat healthy. That means 50% of your food should be fruits and veggies. Taking it to the top means 40% is veggies and 10% is fruit. Tell what you ate. Pictures are appreciated! 

The Accountables

Then I invited family and friends. Only a few accepted, though others sent recipes and commented. My little group of accountables discovered a lot of interesting things. Here are some screen shots.

The little notes people posted helped a lot.
Half a plate fit the menu and my appetite.


If I didn’t have the challenge to live up to, I probably would have eaten mostly carbs. I like feeling healthier.


My sister kept showing her lovely roasted veggies.
She told how she roasts them every weekend for the whole week and cuts her cooking way down.


My friend Jane inspired me to try new things and keep at it.



I began to discover that I preferred my veggies raw or pickled the most.
If I was hungry, I couldn’t just eat a sweet snack, or chips. I had to balance it out with a veggie.


My cousin added wonderful recipes, but I don’t think I challenged her at all since she has been vegan for a couple years now. It was really great of her to encourage me anyway.


I had been concerned about eating away from home, but all went well when Jane invited me to her house for lunch. Then I ate at my church’s ladies fellowship, a restaurant, and at the annual chicken barbecue. Getting 50% was no problem at all.




Laugh-out-loud moment

Two weeks into the challenge I read an article in a recent¬†Reader’s Digest health section explaining that taking pictures of your food before eating is good for you because it makes you anticipate eating it more and causes the food to make you feel full sooner. Another plus! And I had thought the pictures might induce hunger and I’d eat too much! Hah!

Another Plus

My friend saw this tote bag and had to get it for me! Thank you, Jane!

My reward for all the hard work! Losing a couple pounds was another part of the reward. But I’m happy to welcome August and a garden of fresh veggies.

Who won?

Everyone who participated one. I learned a lot about my eating habits. I did not eat nearly as much vegetables as I needed. So much more is out there than I ever thought. A little challenge had a huge impact on my eating style!