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5 Spring Cleaning Options

Nobody does spring cleaning anymore. WRONG! I do. And a lot of other people, too.

I’m hearing, “I love having the windows all shiny and open for that fresh breeze.” “I packed away all the winter clothes and took out the spring and summer stuff.” “I hauled off all the yard debris and we’re having a bonfire with the tree branches left.” “I pulled out the stove and grunge cleaned.”  I haven’t heard that one yet. But to get you inspired to do your own spring cleaning, here’s my short list:

Ready to clean! Spring has sprung!

White Eraser Sponge


I buy the cheapest knock off brand and they work just as well and last just as long as the twice expensive soap infused kind. They disintegrate after awhile, but keep cleaning down to the last little bit. They do what they say—erase dirt. I took black scuff marks off a wood floor tonight. I’ve cleaned hundreds of tennis shoes with them. Bathtubs sparkle after applying them. If you have a tough scrubbing job, give yourself a break and splurge on one if you don’t usually buy them. They are worth every penny.


Dandelion Popper


I don’t mind dandelions in my lawn. They are great bee-feeding flowers. I love polka dots, and that’s what they look like. But I don’t abide them in my garden. I usually pop out a couple a day with one hand as I water and that keeps them at bay. I couldn’t do that without my little tool. It works well on other weeds, too, which I count as spring cleaning.

I keep one of these tools by the front door and one by the back door.


Cleaning Vinegar


Regular vinegar is 5% acidity. Cleaning vinegar is 6%. It makes a difference. I find that it kills mold which is dear to my heart and sinuses since mold sends me into allergy country. I pour it into a spray bottle and zap mildew. It works so well that I rarely go through more than a bottle a year.


Scour Off by Shaklee


I keep Scour Off by my kitchen sink. It’s made of crushed cherry pits and smells wonderful. To use it, scoop out a teeny tiny bit on a paper towel (I used to use a dish rag, but it destroys the dishrag) and rub the baked on food right off. I took scrape marks off paint with it today and cleaned the top of my refrigerator of the built-up goo that accumulates there. It worked great on the top of the microwave goo, too. It is just as good as a white eraser sponge, but requires a little more rinsing and works great on pots and pans.




My friend April introduced me to OdoBan. I buy it concentrated and mix it in a spray bottle. It works great for doggy accidents on the rug and toddler accidents during potty training. I spray my little potty chair after every grandbabies’ pit stop.


Special Additional Mentions


I still use bleach. If we leave for a vacation, I add a half cup to every toilet while we’re gone. When I get home, there are no little surprises growing in the bowl.

Baking soda in the garbage disposal works wonders, but I just recently found that an orange peel cut into small bits does a world of good, too.

Murphy’s Oil Soap is an old favorite because I love my wood items.

I have a microfiber window cleaner that can’t be beat. It gets used all year on my mirrors, and does double duty for spring and fall window cleaning.


A clean house does wonders, doesn’t it!

Is it the smell? Or the sight? Or do you feel that grime disappearing? Whatever, it’s time to get to it.

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