by Karen DIY Home Organization

3 Kitchen Hacks

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. When kitchen hacks pop up on Facebook, I usually read through them. The one encouraging me to make grill cheese sandwiches in a toaster turned sideways did not seem like a good idea. But let me throw out these simple three that I discovered. They save time and frustration or help me stay organized. It’s the details that make life run smoothly…or not.

Tea Towels

These tea towels are almost ready to be phased out. They’ll be sent to their retirement as dust rags.

My system to keep tea towels fresh and germ free works for me. You’ll always find three hanging from my oven door. The pastel purple one is really a microfiber towel. I use it to polish my glass tabletop. That’s all it is allowed to do! The other two rotate with a third one. The cleanest one starts on the right. When the next one comes out of the wash, it pushes the left most one off and I drop it in the dirty¬† laundry. The one that had been on the right is now used for drying my hands as I prepare meals. The new and cleanest one is used only for drying dishes. The three of them rotate constantly.

I love my glass table top to shine! Microfiber does it.


Growing up, my family didn’t keep a pair of “kitchen scissors.” My in-laws did. What a treasure! Instead of ripping open bags of potato chips and having greasy crumbs fly everywhere, I can cut the top!

The newest¬† job I’ve found for them is brilliant. I use them to cut pizza. I’ve broken several rolling pizza cutters, and cut myself on them too, as well as my countertop. Scissors were made to cut pizza. I highly recommend this hack!

This is step one these days.
Step two for the toddler grandchildren requires more cutting.

Dish Drainer Loophole

I wash my dishes by hand. I don’t like the way dishwashers leave streaks. We have super hard water and even with a water softener, I battle mineral build up everywhere. I don’t mind washing dishes. I love the warm water on my hands spring, fall and especially winter. In the summer, I weed a lot and washing dishes keeps my fingernails deep clean. It’s also a good time for praying, meditating and thinking.

I can pack the dish drainer like a pro. Every dish for an entire meal can be perfectly balanced in it and drying well. My husband….not so much. When I’m running late or super busy he will often do a sink full of dishes for me. He hates the dish drainer. So he came up with a solution. By putting a permanent set of plastic plates, one at each end where the large hole lets dishes slip out, he doesn’t lose cups or bowls anymore. He’s happy, so I’m happy.

I have to replace the plastic plates now and then when they get old which is not too often.

The Gathering Place

Everyone gathers in my kitchen. It’s the heart of my home. I work at making it provide healthy, happy, hearty meals that feed the body and the soul! I’d love to hear your kitchen hacks because I never stop learning.

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