by Karen Home School Parenting

11 Lessons Homeschooling Taught Me

Who taught who?

I am fairly sure I learned more than my children learned when I homeschooled them. In the end, despite all the testing that the government requires, learning isn’t really measurable. So we will never know for certain, but I’m pretty sure I did.

And now, obviously, my heavenly Father thinks I didn’t learn enough since I’m starting over with my grandson. You can read about it here.

Homeschooling lessons for the teacher

Instead of saving the best for last, I’ll tell about it first because some of you are too busy to make it to the end.

So …

#1  My children can  learn new skills their entire lives. They can look up forgotten facts.  My first priority rested on teaching them Who God is. Building character takes precedence over books. I toiled through blood, sweat and tears to keep the important things where they belonged.

When I went looking for photos for this blog, I laughed at this one. It is obviously posed. This child never did school work anywhere but on the floor.

#2 If your child learns anything it’s because he or she chose to learn it. You can’t learn it for them. They need to hear this from you often. Their education is totally in their hands no matter where they go to school, or don’t. Their current choices affect them now and have future rewards or consequences. They can try to blame you, but it won’t be your responsibility. In the end, they failed or succeeded because they chose that path.

I’m not sure when algebra became top secret. That is not one of the lessons I learned. But I did learn algebra like I never had the first time.

#3 Watch out how you view what you are doing. Don’t fall into the “Nag, nag, nag,” position. You are the cheer leader! Cheer them on! You aren’t the jailer, you’re the key holder. You don’t push, pull or prod. You boost, inspire and energize.

#4 It goes really, really fast, You can’t stop time. You can’t slow it down. You can’t do it over. Sorry.

I loved it when they figured out that the sooner they finished the sooner they could do whatever they wanted.

#5  When you wake up so tired that you don’t know what month of the year it is, you are allowed to call a rest day.

#6 Laugh as much and as often as possible. The Bible says it’s good medicine.

How many children get to learn veternary midwifery as they breed dogs to earn money for college?

#7 Ask God for wisdom every day.

#8  and #9 It’s not about socialization. It’s about supervision.

Study skills. Concentration. Real life.

#10  No family does home schooling the same way as another family. That’s variety.

#11  Yes, it was worth it. Homeschooling was and is a bigger blessing than I ever imagined. Yes, I would do it again, over and over and praise God, I get to!




  1. I love all the pictures and I am so glad to see some of theses home schooled children choosing to home school their children!

  2. I really appreciated this article. We are in our eighth year of homeschooling and I am slowly learning some of these same lessons. Thank you!

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